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XP Hangs, Freezes, Locks Up After Long Shutdown



XP Hangs, Freezes, Locks Up After Long Shutdown
I built two new computers with the exact same components, and One went together great...........starts, shutdown, etc
I did the exact same steps, from CMOS to drivers and updates of programs with the other computer that I built
when it shuts down, it will restart ...as Long as it is not for an hour or so, but if, and I boot it up cold the next day LOCKS up right after doing its hdd, and CDROM checks
Bios has been updated, everything from the cards to the drives have been taken out or replaced.


perhaps xp sensed ACPI on one puter and not the other,

How do you know whether Setup deemed your computer to be ACPI-compliant? You can use Device Manager to determine whether your computer is using ACPI for power management, by following these steps:

Open Device Manager. (At a command prompt, type devmgmt.msc ).
You can also reach Device Manager from the System Properties dialog box. Press the Windows logo key+Break, click the Hardware tab, and then click Device Manager.

Open the System Devices entry.
If your system is ACPI-compliant (and the Windows XP Setup program has installed an ACPI HAL), you'll find an item called Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System.

there is a way to re-enable it if for some reason XP didn't do it... Um, other than that, I have no idea for you

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