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XP freezes ramdomly



Hi people....again!

I have only just installed XP.

I am finding it is freezing at random times!

eg My girlfriend logged on to check her email and just after the modem connected and it started to recieve the PC froze totally.....and tonight I left it on downloading a couple of files, returned to find it had again frozen, no mouse movement nothing. That was the only thing running apart frm MSN messenger, Zone alarm and matrox power desk.

Has anyone XPerianced anything similar? I thought this OS was supposed to be really stabile!

OR at least recover its self and give some sort of error??

and also it did not register the crash at all when I rebooted...the other windows family used to? is this meant to?

And I have rarely had this problem before installing XP, maybe it froze once a month or so but not twice a day!

Would installing the VIA drivers help? I read somewhere that they are built into XP and theres no real need to install them.

Thanks for any input!!!!!

I am running a KT7 motherboard, Athlon 700, Matrox G400 (latest drivers), Fujitsu usb modem (DSL) with latest drivers, 30GB ata66 HD, 20 GB ata100 HD, 1xcdrom, 1xplextor cdrw x12speed, USB mouse, compaq TFT5005, 384ish MB SDRAM (PC133) Crucial memory, occasional USB ZIP100. SB Live 1024 scound card


Sounds like it's happening mostly while you are online. I'd download and install the latest modem drivers (get them from the oem web site, not Windows Update). While you're at it, you might as well do the same for all your hardware (it's a good idea).

What type of modem and how is it connected (usb, nic)?


See above, its a Fujitsu DSL modem, connected VIA USB, I downloaded the drivers from Fujitsu just before I installed WinXP, these are the new ones as they now support XP...hence the install!!! All worked fine under Win2k!

XP has proven to be real finicky with certain usb devices. Make sure you have all the Updates from windows installed, swap usb ports, basically... tinker with the usb stuff and see if you can solve it there (I'd go as far as VIA 4in1's and a bios update if it's available). Also, look in your event logs for any errors that may be reported.


Agreed - that's why I asked how it's connected. USB and XP often don't play well together. I'd strongly suggest switching the dsl connection to a nic.


So USB does not really work properly? Like in Windows 95 M$ claim it does work, when really it does not! Surely they must have planned for WinXP to support more USB devices than ever!!!?!?!?!

Anyways, sounds like I need to try the VIA drivers (as have not installed any!!!) AND after that try changing my modem to different USB ports...and after that reinstall Windows 2000.....

Thanks people!!!!

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