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XP Forgets Folder settings and reverses file names



XP Forgets Folder settings and reverses file names. This one drives me crazy. XP nearly always shows my files or folders as a Thumbnails, no matter how I set the folder (usually) in details view, but just to confuse me not every time. Arghh

Also when I am saving a file it always shows the folder list in reverse alphbetical order. I have reset every folder every time to an alphabetical order but when I go back it has reversed itself. once again Arghh

Seriously thinking of reverting back to W98.

Any help is really appreceated.


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Try this:

open My COmputer, go to tools, then Folder Options and click on 'Reset All Folders'. Then close any open windows, open MY comp again and customize your the way you like it.. then go to folder options again abnd click on 'Like Current Folder'. Also, somewher out there (advanced settting) is a checkbox stating 'remember folder settings'. Make sure is checked.

Maybe that 'll help


I'm sorry Hal...
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there is somewhere on these fourms a reg hack that makes windows remeber the folder settings again. i have it at home, but i'm at work now and i can't find it on here. if you can't find it and it hasn't been solved by the time i get home then i shall post it

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