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xp-erience -> ntfs

Elroy Jetson

Little Dipper School
This morning I log on to see what is new at xp-erience.org, and a dull grey screen greets me... Now I have no problem with the switches between xp-erience.org and ntfs.org [we've been through this before a few month back, right] but here are a few things I would like to comment:

- I might be getting old, or I might be old-school, but the dull grey interface looks rather sad to me, and makes reding sooo much harder on my laptop screen (1400x1050, 14.1'''). The blue-white xperience.org interface was much nicer. I feel like some underground warez site now, they tend to use this dark colouring...

- The search function in the forums does not work (for me, at least).

Why chnage something that worked perfectly fine????

[sniff], EJ ;)


OSNN Godlike Veteran
It didn't work perfectly fine, that's why we've made the switch, again. As for the theme, we will be adding other themes in the near future. First we want to get things up and running then gradually add to it. Give us a lil time and be patient, you'll love the outcome :D


Originally posted by Elroy Jetson
makes reding sooo much harder on my laptop screen (1400x1050, 14.1''').
[sniff], EJ ;)
Whoah, that kinda res on an LCD screen? What kinda laptop you running mate??

Electronic Punk

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Ok, any other XP-erience -> NTFS threads will from now on be merged into this thread.

Basically we have left our UK hosts as the site was too slow for us due to so much interest. We have started the site again with dedicated hosting in the USA and in order to make sure we get up and running as fast as possible we have removed all the hacks etc.

Seeing as we had done this we thought it would be the best time to add some new styles and will be doing so over the coming weeks, so if this dark one is not your bag, be patient, we have some cool ones coming ;)

XP-erience.org will eventually redirect to NTFS, but the site will not change back to XP-erience, its not an option, so don't ask.
You're right yoyo.

I love this.

EP and everyone, thanks you so much!

Speed awsome, name, I love this better, because of the new OSes that will be coming out...
This design. It's F**** sexy! oh people. wow. I love this. Really really love this. easy on the eyes too. wow. I can't express how happy I am.

edited for language... You know better then that Nick :rolleyes:

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