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XP denies access to all accounts from the network


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Hi all,

I'm trying to log on to my second computer on my network. Both pc's running Windows XP Pro. It seems I cannot logon as Administrator or as any user created.

I tried typing the path to the admin share c$ in the run box but the prompt for password has AMDXP1800\Guest allready filled in in the user field, and that field is greyed out, inactive. (AMDXP1800 is the hostname of thesecond pc)

Net Use in a command box reports an invalid username or password for the admin account, while I can perfectly log on as admin locally on AMDXP1800. The same story for an other user account.

I can however go throug net neighb. from AMDXP1800 to my first pc. So it seems that AMDXP1800 is blocking everybody from accessing it from the network (the guest account is disabled) but it can access other pc's on the network. Ping replies also ok, and firewall not active.

I reviewed Local Security Settings on both pc's and they are A PERFECT MATCH: IDENTICAL!

Any ideas?

(I'm positive that I've used correct spelling, case, and username/password combinations. Also, when connecting I used AMDXP1800\Administartor as username.)

Please help.


Without more detail on how oyu have the network and PC's setup its hard to say what is wrong.

Are you trying to use remote access to control the second PC from the first? Or, are you just trying to access the hard disks/cdrom/printers, etc?

Are the 2 machiens connected together on an ethernet LAN using a HUB or are they connected over the internet or through a router?

Some things to check:
1). Make sure both PC's are on the same domain.
2). Make sure you have installed and set up microsoft printer and file sharing.
3). If you set them up for group access make sure they belong to the same group.
4). You said the firewall is off, but what the heck. Check it again on both machines.
Forgot one...

5). Assuming oyu are just trying ot access data off the second machine. Have you enabled file sharing on the machine you are trying to access? Have you selected the correct type of file sharing for what oyu are trying to do?


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Hey guys.

Here are the details:

PC 1: AMDXP1800, with WinXP Pro, 1 NIC, ip
Simple file sharing disabled, shares created with 'everyone' permissions, and admin shares (c$, d$, etc) cretaed and active, in connection settings following protocols installed: Client for Microsoft Networks, File and printer sharing for Microsoft Networks, and TCP/IP

PC2: THUNDERBIRD, with WinXP Pro, 2 NICs, 1 to AMDXP1800 with ip and 1 to ADSL Modem with ip ICS is enabled and working. In connection settings to AMDXP1800 following protocols installed: Client for Microsoft Networks, File and printer sharing for Microsoft Networks, and TCP/IP

Network: THUNDERBIRD and AMDXP1800 connected to each other through a hub. Ping replies ok, firewalls disabled on both machines. No third party firewall software present. Both pc's in the same workgroup 'HOME', can see each other in Network Neighbourhood.

PROBLEM: AMDXP1800 lets every account log on locally without any problems. However, if you try to access AMDXP1800 from THUNDERBIRD over the network, the password prompt from AMDXP1800 has 'AMDXP1800\Guest' allready filled in as username and the field is inactive. When using 'net use' in command box AMDXP1800 denies access to all accounts, even admin account with error: invalid username or incorrect password.

I'm trying to cretae network drives and share some resources on AMDXP1800 for THUNDERBIRD, but it's not only that that doesn't work: I can't connect throu remote desktop, can't connect to device manager or the ADMIN$ share. I have the right privileges, and I can log on locally. I reviewed Local Security Settings on both pc's and they are identical.

There you go, I think this should do it.

thnx for help!



Simple Sharing

Did you uncheck the Simple Sharing option in your folder options? Simple sharing is XP's lame way to make things easy but you can't use any ACL's on files or folders to lock them down. By default, on Windows XP Professional systems that are not connected to a domain, all attempts to log on through the network will be forced to use the Guest account. In addition, on computers that are using the simple sharing security model, the Security Properties dialog box is replaced by a simplified Shared Documents Properties dialog box. But since you said it's disabled, then try and find out if you have this policy enabled “force network logons using local accounts to authenticate as Guest" in your local security policies. I'm betting you do since it's default, and having the guest account disabled would mean no one is going to be able to access it.

Uhhh...That just made me think of another possibility...you don't happen to be using BLANK passwords with the accounts you're using, are you? XP accounts with blank passwords can only be used to log onto the actual console, not over the network, but I'm sure you already knew that. Let me know how it goes:confused:


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Thnx ntguru50,

You're right... “force network logons using local accounts to authenticate as Guest" was enabled, I must have had overlooked that... :huh: don't know how... (/me is whispering: stupid stupid stupid)

Accounts had passwords, they weren't blank :)

Thx a lot m8

are you using the welcome screen to login, if the user information is all stored on AMDXP1800 then you will have to use the Ctrl+Alt+Del login to tell it to get the information from the AMDXP1800.

Not sure if that is what you mean
by default xp wont let you in from another computer til you actually create a share ( other than c$ ) not as admin or anything security reasons

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