XP connecting to NT domain

I'm having trouble connecting to an nt server with a domain.
I'm using Windows XP Proffessional.
There seems to be no problems with the ip address and I was able to connect to the satellite and access the internet.
It just says "access is denied" when I try to connect to the domain.

Any ideas?


xp m0nk3y
yup. ask you network admin to create a user account for BOTH you and your computer. then all should be fine.

lol... ok well the network admin suggests installing netbeui which I think may just do it.
Stupidly I brought the case of XP but not the disk.
I've discovered that I need the files: Nbf.sys and netnbf.ini.
Could someone please tell me where I could get these?

Thanks a lot oDin. I got Netbeui successfully installed.
Still there are a few things I need to clear up.
I'm at home now and tomorrow's the last day of term so I'll have to work this out over Term 4.

At my school every person and every teacher has a username and password and can login from any computer in the school and have access to their own folder which is automatically mapped to a drive letter.

You see, I'm currently proposing an upgrade plan of new machines with windows xp, however, what did you mean by the suggestion of creating accounts for the person and the computer?
Would then every account need to be recreated if we were to install xp machines into the school?

Basically I could connect to the resources I needed by connecting through a workgroup and typing my password when prompted, however when trying to connect to the domain I only got "access is denied" errors.
The server is NT4 but some time in the (hopefully) near future is supposed to be upgraded to Windows 2000.

If you, or anyone else could help out I would be grateful.

Thanks again,


For you to be able to access the domain your computer must have an account set up on it.

Otherwise you get the access denied error. This happens with all varients of NT. Get the network admin to create a computer account for you
Na that's not the issue.
I've got an account already but I could not get windows xp to connect to the actual nt domain.
If I left my settings as "workgroup" I could connect to my remote folder by typing in the username and password for my account when prompted by xp, but I could not get it to connect in the standard fashion to the domain server.



Your not understanding, ill try another way. :)

The computer account is different to the user account (username and password).
For security reasons, each and every computer that wishes to attach itself to the domain must also have an account (computer name and password). You cannot create those. They have to be created by a domain administrator. Only after this has occured can u then type you username and password to authenicate yourself with the domain, and gain access.

Talk to the IT Support people, and they should be able to make it happen.


If your admin said you need netbuei then he is an idiot. ( you can tell him I said this) This is not need for NT domains. It is an outdated protocol that was meant for peer-to-peer workgroups not for domains. A computer account in the domain is what is needed. The admin can create it on the DC or it can be done from your machine.

system properties -> Computer name -> change -> Domain -> will then ask for username and password of DC account.

jak deth

Are you trying to connect within the LAN or from outside, if so you will need a RAS account set up by the sys admin.
Connecting from within the network.
Btw, could you please tell me more about the accounts?
I have a normal account on the domain that lets me login and get access to a few specific folders on the server.
I'm able to connect using Windows 95/98 machines as well as macintosh (evil as they are lol) anywhere in the school.

I tried to connect to the domain, it asked for my username and password but when I put it in it says "Access is denied".
I already have a normal login account, what is meant by a 'computer' account?

I went Control Panel > System > Computer Name > Change > Selected Domain, typed the domain name into box > Clicked Okay.

Then it presented me with a box for my login details so I typed my username and password but after several seconds it says says access is denied.

The strange thing is if leave the computer setting as 'workgroup', manuallly browse to the folder I wish to access through the My Computer address bar, it will again ask me for my details.
This time when I type my username and password it allows me the correct access to folders and resources BUT is still only connected as a workgroup, not through the domain server.

It is important that I can work out how to allow xp to connect through the domain as if we install new xp systems each xp machine will be shared by many different people at different times in the day and will require different people to connect and disconnect from the domain.

Thanks again for all your help.


Are you listening to what we have said.

You do not have rights to add your macine to the domain. As I have said many times before, contact your network admin and have them create a computer account for you.

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