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xp chkdsk utility not working right

Can someone help me on this. I noticed in XP when i got to do a error scan which requires a reboot for auto repairs in XP about 3 out 4 times or so the computer just reboots and skips the scan. Sometimes it works and sometimes it just doesn't do the scan. Also it appears if you just shut the computer down by the power button to simulate an improper shutdown it used to do a error scan on reboot and now it doesn't always do that. Please help if no one has the answer do you know where the files and registry settings are for the chkdsk utility?


Perris Calderon

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xp does a scan for "the dirty bit" on every boot...(autochk)

if the dirty bit is not set, then chkdsk is not invoked, and the inverse

in addition, unlike fat, the nt file system corrects bad sectirs on the fly, and the chkdsk utility is almost never needed...in point of fact, microsoft maintains the utility is there for a catastophy, and a waste of time and hardrive activity otherwise

so this answers most of your questions, but not all

I don't know why a user invoked chkdisk would not initiate.

first I've heard of the issue


The 'Task Scheduler' services needs to be enabled for it to function properly. You can find it by running 'services.msc'.

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