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XP - Burn/Copy PSX - How?, With?



Hi there,
I was wondering if anyone knew of any software to burn or copy PSX discs? Any help would be most appricated.

Burning a ps2 disc is simple if you use nero or clonecd.....but you NEED...I stress this NEED to go buy a PS modchip, or a mod addon card for you to be able to play the copies..if you have this you can pm me and i'll let you know how to go about making copies


I must say that I have found a ISO file online that you burn to a disc and use it as a boot sic for Playstation. You load the disc, and the PSX asks for the game CD and you pop it in and Viola!! It does work too. If you are on Kazaa, search for Playstation Hack and you may find it. Good Luck!!

p.s. CloneCD makes excellent copies of PSX cd's..


are you serious?? I've tried alot of those "boot" discs and none worked. whats the file size?


It is a 913Kb file zipped up. Unzipped its a 41MB file!! If you have the means, I can send you the zipped file! As well as anyone else out there who may be intersted. I can't gurantee it works for you, but it did for me. Later...
a 41mb boot disk just seems shady to me especially for a playstation..your best bet if your desperate is just go on ebay and look up Plugmod or modchip since modchip.com has closed down..the plugmod is easiest and plugs in like a gameshark


I agree with Q though. It is much easier to buy a $10 mod chip and never have to worry about another disc all the time. I was pretty happy with my disc, but I'll have to lug it around with my burned copies, lol. Sorry you made 2 coasters SpyD. Godd luck in your PSX quests! :)
technically this is kinda a warez topic heh, but i'll post one last time...

Installing a mod chip is not that hard...takes about 25 minutes if that...little longer if you are unfamiliar with soldering...all you do is connect the pins on the chip to the included wiring..then solder the wires to the pins on the motherboard...you don't even have to physically solder the chip to the mobo you can just tape it up inside the case as I did...

providing the person you buy it from includes the diagram that comes with the chip it's a big color poster and it's hard to mess up :) besides playstations are like what 30 bucks nowadays heheh


CDRWin is one of the best CD copier I've ever used. http://www.goldenhawk.com It's small, fast, allows you to customize your burning layouts down to placing a song at a specific point in time on the disc.
now now, adding a modchip actually isn't illegal as long as you are using it to play legitimate backups :) all your doing is voiding your warranty...

sony never once asked modchip.com to shut down or even threatened them in anyway like they did to bleem...however sony got mad at the ps2 modchip and sent modchip.com one polite letter asking them to discontinue their product and modchip.com did so without a fight :) now thats called a good group!

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