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XP and XP 2100?



OK, puter gurus, got one that's killing me here, and hope you can help...

I just got a new rig.... here's a quick rundown

Athlon XP 2100
AD70-sc/sr motherboard, Rev A+
512 DDR ram
Soundblaster 5.1
NVida GeForce 2 MX, 64 meg
60 gig 7200 HD....FAT32 for now
and the other usual stuff...:)

My problem.... XP Pro will not install.... I keep getting a Bad_Pool_Caller error under optimzed bios settings....
and a c0000221 Unknown hard error under the safe settings

I have the latest bios available...and have reflashed

the system works fine in 98SE...~sigh~

Under either upgrade or New install...it will hang up at the first starting windows screen...and yes, I'm downloading the updates as I install

I've gone so far as to reformat, take all my hardware off, and still no luck.... :(

any ideas would be appreciated

Desperate Gamer
You might want to check the Windows Catalogue in the Windows XP section of their site, it will tell you which hardware and software is compastible, the Upgrade Advisor said that my GeForce 256 was compatible, but it wasnt, I checked on the Windows Catalogue, and bought a new card that was on their list. Since then no problems.

Have you tried installing with only the graphics card installed and not the Sound card and other expansion cards.
Good luck
Let me know if any of this helps.


I bet you the video card is the problem. A while ago I upgraded from a TNT2 Ultra 32MB to a Geforce2 MX400 64MB. XP would lock up during install with the G2 card. When I put the TNT2 back in it installed fine. After the install was complete I shut down and installed teh G2 and drivers, no sweat.
The only time I ever got a bad_pool_caller error was when I had a bum HD, the HD checked out fine by S.M.A.R.T and chkdsk's but I could tell it was going bad, and XP started having trouble with it, then a re-install of xp yielded that error till the HD was swapped.
I had problems with nv4_disp.dll with my GeForce 256. but I upgraded it to a GeForce 2 Ti, after looking on the Windows Catalogue to find out which graphics cards were supported or compatible with XP.

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