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XP and updating drivers



Hi folks. I seem to be having problems updating some XP drivers. Doing them manually is no problem. I am having trouble with updating VIA 4in1 and Creative SB Live! drivers as EXE files. They both run as usual and reboot the machine, but I check the devices to see what version they are they have not updated. I am wondering if anyone else has run into this and if they know a fix. What drives me nuts is that Creative does not provide just drivers in zip format so I can manually install them.


i have had some weird experiences updating drivers myself. My ethernet card and Creative Live! drivers. The one Creative has available worked, but the one Microsoft offers on their update site (still even after I installed the one from Creative) had totally disabled my sound card after installing it. The same with the ethernet card driver available from Microsft.


I think I may have found my problem but will have to let you know how it goes.

I was reading through some threads on Applications and came across a link to BVK or something. This guy is very knowledgeable and provides a list of services and what he thinks should be running, manual, or disabled. I am not a wizard with these services and I may have inadvertently shut some down that I need running at certain time.

For instance: Bootvis needs task scheduler (and Com+ I think) running to do it's optimization. That would explain why the optimize part I tried yesterday wouldn't finish. D'oh!!

As for installing the sound drivers (and Via 4in1) I had Applications Management and CRyptographic Services set to manual and so the drivers were not instaled. I went home at lunch and try a couple of things and almost got my sound card working again. I say almost because I did the 5.1 test and all but the right-front speaker worked properly. I will have to check my connections and maybe try a different PCI slot.

Anyhow, I'll let you guys know how things go after I work on it tonight.

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