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Xp And Me

Hi all

I have a xp repair (recovery Disc) which came wit my evesham computer, an that comp is goosed now, n i phoned evesham to ask if i am allowed to install the xp on my other comp, they sed yes but wudnt help me. i am wondering if a can put xp on my M.e machine, or does the evsham xp repair cd only have the info on my computer only? if u get me?

pls help




FYI - nobody can give you permission to install (or attempt to install) XP on more than one system other than Microsoft. I don't know what "grossed" means, but if it means it's really messed up beyond repair you should reformat and reinstall on the same system.

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hey stew_w on your old evesham do a complete reinstall of the disks then when it restarts after copying the files from cd to hd take out the hd and boot from another hard disk or system set that as slave and you should be able to rip the windows and other software from the hd find the i386 folder thats basically the windows installation folder

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it depends if the recovery cds are system specific (meaning that if evesham chose to only allow the recovery cds to be used on evesham machines then thats all you can use it on) but the best way to find out is to try!


Depends on what's on the disks. It is poss that the disks will activate a hidden partition on your hdd and re-install XP from there. But Allan's right you will have to explain to MS why you have changed so much hardware when trying to re-register XP

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not necessarily because my old pb comp didnt have to use wpa so that could be the case 4 other oems and it would be worth discovering the amount of data on da cd if its like below 2 mb then its definately hasnt got the install files on it---in that case the cd just unlocks a hidden partition thats on available at boot and proceeds with the recovery process from the hd

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its supposedly xp SE and aint out till late 2003 by wat i heard

Yes get xp pro its definately the way forward
i heard there aint gonna be a second edition XP.. they're just gonna move onto that BlackComb or Longhorn if im not mistaken.

Ste.. what the hell does "goosed" mean????

Whats up with ME Ste? Sure that comp runs alittle slow now and then.. but games still work.. (good old Medal of Honour)... good sniper game we had wannit


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