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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by eero_p, Sep 3, 2004.

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    I noticed recently that my XP Home doesn't recognize my LG DVD anymore. First I thought the device was broken, but when I booted the machine to win98, it worked all right there.

    First I tried to fix the problem with 'add hardware'-option with no success. Seemed that XP haven't even heard of DVD-drives.

    Then started to go back through restore points in case if Spybot or Adaware have deleted the driver. No success there either.

    Lastly, I performed repair installation to XP. After it was done, the drive was still happily invisible.

    What is there left to do but full reinstall of XP? Wouldn't want to do that and install also all the sw again into the machine.

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    Do you have tweakUI onboard? Drives can easily get hidden there.... there's a thread on here you could search up that has a link even to the M$ KB on that one...

    I feel sure you should be able to refind this no problems, but if it comes to reformat/install think of it as a learning experience because you can organise stuff so that it causes minimal hassle in future (IE, first slipstream your XP install, second organise partition elsewhere with all your data etc, third have your essentials lined up for install in some kinda order, last have extras like downloads in installable form off on that data partition to install at leisure/as time permits).

    I know because I am in same boat as you! It would feel a lot more secure to me to know that if I needed to I had everything organised and set out for a reformat and go again (probably speed my machine up and clean out a load of c**p too!)

    Anyway - hope it is either TweakUI or something as easy!
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    Welcome to OSSN eero_p. :)

    Go to Control Panel/Admin Tools/Computer Management/Storage/Disk Management. See if it is in there. If so give it a drive letter by right clicking on it.

    If not try here> Microsoft
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    Remember some time ago seeing issues with LG 8180B model.
    Think a firmware patch, or similar was issued
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    Thanks for helping!

    Got the device working, just needed to update secondary IDE-driver. So if you happen to bump into this annoying feature try that first, then go for the registry as MS suggested.

    (and, by the way, I know perfectly well how to keep my things organized in my HD :) )