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XP, 98 and 95 network prob


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Allright this is not on my network. This is my neighbor's. Allright this is what is going on: He has a 1.5 mbit ADSL connection. He had it shared via a hub. Then he switched to a router because he was concerned about security. Anyways, when he switched to this router (linksys), the XP and 98 computers are going fine. The problem is with the 95 machine. The transfer speed cut down by approx 66%. it was going over a meg now it goes about 360 kbps. is there anyway to fix this? if so, how?

Aha. Try setting it to half duplex and/or 10Mbit and see if it makes a difference. Full dublex won't always work (if you have a hub, forget it, only half there).


is there any possible way that i can include my old desktop with Windows 95 in my network hooked up to broadband connection? The major problem is that the old desktop is full on pci cards, and it doesn't have an ethernet port... only ports it have are parallel and serial
Well it may be possible but you don't want to. The only way (except replacing a card) I can think of is somehow using a serial or parallell link to the XP machine and somehow bridge the traffic over to the ADSL. But you don't want to mess with that, trust me. So no, unless you get a NIC in there somewhere (you could try an ISA card, but they are messy) there is no way.

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