XP 64bit VS Vista 64bit?

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XP 64bit never caught on as vendor support wasn't there although a few games did get the 64bit treatment.

It was a great starting point for folks to get an early look at a 64bit client OS tho and I did use it for a few months.

Vista 64bit on the other hand started on even pegging with the 32bit version and in some cases has been clearly superior especially as people build systems with more RAM.
Lets put it this way. I have a MMO beta client for a beta I'm in. I closed it at 7am on monday. I checked task manager to check firefox 3's memory footprint and noticed that the client was still running at 49% cpu and 500Mb of active ram. I never noticed on vista 64 bit. XP would have been choking when I fired up Deus Ex 2 with that in the background :)

Vista 64 was as responsive as always :)
64bit provides better stability, security, the ability to install more ram when you can afford to and make use of it all.

When 64bit apps enter the world of the domestic user there will be advantages too.

The only reason for 32 bit is mediacentre as mediacentre 64bit doesn't support 32bit codecs.


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The only problem I've found is that running 32-bit IE7 on Vista x64 makes Facebook crash my browser. When I run the 64-bit IE7 on Vista x64 it is works fantastically but there isn't a 64-bit version of Flash yet!


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Yeah but that complicates matters futher because there are still websites which don't work with FF properly! Switching between 2 browsers is bad enough!

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blame MS for making a non compliant browser and blame all the web devs for being lazy ****s and not supporting all the browsers out there, but if everyone followed a standard it wouldn't matter :p

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When I was using xp64 bit most the windows applications where still 32bit, I haven't really checked out the 64bit version although hopefully will be before the end of the month with my new system! :D


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i've been using x64 for over 2years now, first with XP and now with Vista and i've had very few problems with programme compatibility. Theres only ever been the odd programme (usualy older ones) that don't work and theres an increasing number of aps which release 64 bit versions. Its all gravy :)

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