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Xbox’s HDD: How do you Defragment it?

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Cannibal Corpse

As you can imagine, the files on the Xbox’s Hard Disc get fragmented over time, due to the constant writing and deletion of games save files and ripped WMA audio files.
Do you think if Microsoft would ever release a utility that could defragment Xbox’s HDD for improved performance? (or maybe third party companies)

That would be very interesting.


I may actually be insane.
Seems logical enough though doesn't it.. the fact a HD thats getting used all the time will slow down.

Surely Microsoft would have seen this coming?


I may actually be insane.
Just read on some site after a quick google search ...
The xBox hard disk actually auto-defragments itself.
So no need to worry :)
If you have a PS2 hard disk on the other hand... you need to manually do it :p


yeah except that the HDD is only there to cache games, and store songs. that is why it doesn't become fragmented. (xbox.com) read it somewhere on there. And besides if they maximized all the value-life-of the drive it would last longer then they would want. I'm pretty sure they weren't thinking about longevity when they built this thing.:)

Cannibal Corpse


Do you happen to have the link? That is very interesing. Also I have heard that MS gave a disc to some retailers that resets the HDD back to the factory default settings. (like PC utilities such as Freeze PC)


is the hard disk the same as a computer or laptop one? I wonder if you could pop it out and stick it in your computer and format/defrag it.... even upgrade it like the video card in the xbox
Is thats possible by the way? I read somewhere that you could. If so anybody put a ti4600 in this thing yet?


I may actually be insane.
I should imagine you can upgrade anything in the xBox if you know what your doing ... its weather it'll work or even make any difference tho.


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I read somewhere changing the IDE cable to the 80 conductor spec improves load times. The things people will do *shrugs*. Is there any truth to this.


MS decide cost vs performance... they didn't think putting in a $10 cable was worth it so instead they just put in a $5 cable seeing as all it is doing is saving the progress of games.

While its insignificant to us, $5 x No. of XBox's Produced = Profit gained =)


I may actually be insane.
good old comrporate profits screwing the customer again :p

I can see there point tho, if they can save money, and it still does the job at a reasonable speed, then so be it. Most people wont be any wiser to the fact that their console could work just that little bit faster.

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