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Xbox code, how do I turn it into an exacutable?

Sorry I would have posted this on the main page under comments but I am unable to log in and stay logged in there, but in the article found her:
Site releases code to open Xbox up How do I turn this text file into something i can use?

And in question 1, what is F.E.?

Thank you, not that I will actually try but I would like the option too if it's cool enough.
I did read, several times now - I must be missing it.

1. How do I get into the xbox in the first place, do i need to be running linux?

2. I still don't know what they mean by F.E.

I'll go back and read it again, it's hot where i am, so who knows maybe it was in HUGE bold letters lol


Boogie Nights...!
From the questions you're asking i dont think its a good idea for you to be even trying this. Nothing personal, but its more complicated than it seems and involves soldering certaing parts of your Xbox so that the BIOS is is read/writeable.

Its very risky so unless you can afford to replace your xbox if it goes badly wrong i wouldnt even bother trying.

Either way..good luck. :)


I may actually be insane.
It doesn't require ANY soldering or adjusment of your xBox unit, that's the point behind it.

It allows you to run Linux on a 100% un-modded xBox
lol your probably right, It looks as though I shouldn't try it until i get another xbox. I'll try to research this on my own though, i'm sure i can dig up something out there... I just like the idea of getting mame to work through my Xbox - not to mention being able to watch movies and stuff...

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