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X800 Crossfire Dual PCI-E

I have an X800XL right now, the ati radeon edition. And i just bought another X800XL, so i was thinking i could do a crossfire for dual X800's. Are X800's crossfire capable? Becuase if they are Dual crossfire compatable, im gonna get a new motherboard with 2 PCI-E's on it.
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The X800 and X850 were all supposed to be crossfire compatible. Things have not worked out that way. I'm waiting for the class action lawsuit against ATI (I'm filling).

You will need an X800XL crossfire master card not 2 regular X800XL cards.

The AIW version cards are not crossfire compatible.

Newegg has an X850 crossfire edition (aka Master) but nothing on the X800XL. I suspect the X800XL never got built in the crossfire edition.

There's a reason for my sig.

Funny how I see almost nothing about crossfire but SLI is all over the place.

Is anybody on the forum actually running crossfire?
Does it work as well as SLI?
What card numbers?


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I am definately running x800 Crossfire... It works fine. Well, I mean it's not as good as my brother's X1900XT(X) but they run decent. I'm pretty sure you can't use two regular x800s in crossfire though. However, I believe you can do so with the x1k series cards but it's not recommended. You pretty much need a master card.

I must say though, the 12x AA is to die for.
Not unless one is a Master. That applies to all Crossfire rigs. A Master is required. And the required external jumper cable only comes with a master card.

Where and when did you find a crossfire X800XL master? Or are yours not the X800XL cards
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My bad for not posting sooner.

I found mine off of ebay, and my slave card is actually the x800GTO 16 but it has the same core as an XL so it basically is one. The x800 Crossfire Edition also has an R430 core. Unfortuneately, there seems to be none to be found, so I guess there were only a few released.

This seems to be the only thing I can find, and even it's not that clear whether it's a master card or not. But regardless, it's way overpriced, and you could buy an x1900GT for that money, or maybe an x1800XT 512MB.

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