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i have just bought a x8 winfast a180 ddrt graphics card and it bench marks 100 lower than a geforce 440 x4. on a msi kt4v motherboard that supports x8 can any one help

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Well 100 points is about 1 fps less ...... benchmarks are not an exact science.

And did you format and do a clean install after you changed vid cards? I always found it is the bestway to go.



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Benchmarked with what?

Were both cards run on the exact same system with the exact same drivers?

If it was 3dmark then 100 is within normal variations.

If you want the highest score reboot, shutdown all processes not essential, disconnect from the net and run the benchmark. Do this 2 or three times.


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Gotta look at drivers, overclocking, tweakers, memory bandwidth, per pipeline etc and lotsa tehnical garbo - why don't you compare your card with others in the Futuremark? Probably a more appropriate forum.

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