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x1800xt or 7900gt?


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Giving my girlfriend my radeon x800xl and looking to upgrade to a new card.

I'm not looking for bleeding edge, but do want the best bang for my buck and performance/longevity possible. I'm looking at the $300-320 area and have been looking between a geforce 7900gt or a radeon x1800xt and not quite sure which to go with.

I've been using ati cards for along time, but have no problem going to nvidia if it's the best path to take.

Is there a clear winner between the two cards? Some reviews I've read seem to imply the radeon is better because of features and others say the nvidia because of pure horsepower.

I mainly play BF2, World of Warcraft, with a variety of other new games in the mix.

Rest of my system is:
Athlon64 3000+
Zalman 7000alcu hsf
2x512mb Geil pc3200
Asus a8n5x
seagate 120gb sata
sb audigy 2 zs
enermax 430w atx2.0 psu


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Better performance, lower price typically and it runs cooler.

The 1900 series is probably a better buy but for the 1800 v/s 7900 cards, pick the 7900gt.


F@H - Is it in you?
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For the GTX, yes, it is low-availability.

The GT is in wider circulation afaik.

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