X-Men legends help?

Its pretty sad but i cant figure out what to do. Its in Ice Tunnels, or something like that, and i cant make it acrossed the bridge and i use rouge and fly across but then i just get smoked because i dont have any health and im just really screwed, but is there a way to get across with all of them?


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Cheat lol.... :eek:

Anyway off Game FAQ's dunno if its right since i anit played it lol but only thing about ice tunnels

In the ice tunnels you start at the bottom of the elevator. On the elevator
is an X-traction so save now then head to the left to fight a new enemy,
Brotherhood Revolutionary. Keep heading left and head down the stairs. For an
easy kill just toss any enemies you encounter over the ledge. Once you reach
the bridge you will have to make an ice bridge. Once you reach an elevator head
to the left side of it to find another Danger Room disc. When ready head on the

Again you start right next to an elevator with an X-traction point in it so
take this time to save and use the Danger Room if you feel the need to. When
ready head down the stairs fighting enemies along the way. Once you reach
another broken bridge head to the right to find a sketch book. Then make an
ice bridge to the other side. Keep going till you reach an extraction point
next to an elevator. Save your game then head up the elevator.

Looks like the Brotherhood has abandoned Toad. Leaving you to fight him.
Whenever a jet is about to take off keep hitting it till it falls off the
building keeping Toad from escaping. Fight the HAARP soldiers that will
occasionally come up on elevators. When the battles complete its time to head
back to the X-Mansion.


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www.gamefaqs.com is the biggest gaming forum. The walkthroughs, cheats, savegames there usually have the answer. As for your original question ... have you tried using Iceman to create a bridge? You can also use Jean Grey.

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