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X-Fi Prelude Driver


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For those of us that have this card, you may or may not have noticed the driver was pulled from Auzentech's website, saying:
Due to security concerns we have temporarily disabled downloads of the X-Fi Prelude driver. Drivers are expected to return to this page by May 28. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.Current X-Fi Prelude owners may request a secure download link via the Auzentech Help Desk.
I find this uncool so I emailed them to get the "secure" link, and then got one of the mods here to host the newest drivers for us!

The installer covers both XP/Vista 32&64bit. Please make sure to register as well before you download the drivers and support the community. Also, feel free to discuss any problems you might be having with the latest driver release here.

Auzentech X-Fi Prelude XP/Vista 32&64bit driver (135MB)

RC5-1 Release notes:
Corrects "Error I-001" seen by some users with RC4 driver
Dolby® Digital Live SW Feature (DDL)
ALchemy Application
Volume Control Panel
SW Bug Fixes requested by Auzentech.
DDL license notice and trademark acknowledgements
Input window fix
DDL plugin update
Driver bug fix on the BSOD during clock switch
Patch 1.0

Audio Distortion when using DDL

Important Note: In order for this fix to work, DDL must be enabled before start of the game playing.
If DDL is enabled during the game playing, some audio distortion might still appear.

VOIP in game suddenly stop working

WOW: VOIP operation is smooth in ‘World of Warcraft’.
BF2: The following sources of information are available on VOIP issues in Battlefield 2
Visit the BF2 Discussion on VOIP in BF2
Visit the BF2 Forum

Electronic Arts official forum website has reported issues with VOIP. There is a patch V1.41 available.
Search the EA Nation Forum

MIC volume Issue

Updated in Game mode.

Note: The MIC sound from analog port comes out with distortion/noise.

Memory utilization keep increasing with the Console Launcher.
The memory utilization increment is either very small (a few kbytes) each time you change mode, or no noticeable increase at all.
lol@broken english
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I just checked Auzentech's site after a few weeks of waiting to find this rather funny message

Scheduled Maintenance in Progress:
On May 29-30, 2008, the download page is being updated to correct security concerns. To be notified when the X-Fi Prelude driver is again available, sign up for Auzentech Member Updates on the index page.
Alternatively, X-Fi Prelude soundcard owners may also request a secure download link for the current driver via the Auzentech Help Desk.
I like what they did there with the -30 yesterday. I am thinking by tomorrow it will look like May 29-30-31. Before long they will have to change the year too


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I put my serial number in the site and it said that the number was not found. Till they get it sorted out I am going to continue to keep the thread updated.


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Auzentech released a new version of its driver yesterday that contains the DTS feature. The driver requires activation and I am sure there are "special" ways to get around that. A link to the driver can be found below.

Changes in this Driver

  • DTS® Interactive (Vista only)
  • Dolby® Digital Live (Vista & XP)
  • ALchemy application (Vista only; not needed for XP)
  • EAX 5.0 (XP; Vista via OpenAL and ALchemy)
For details see the X-Fi Prelude page.
Known Bugs

  • DDL sound stops
  • DDL sound "pops or crackles"
  • Mic sound problem (MSN, SKype, TeamSpeak during gamepley, Ventrilo)

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