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X-Chat Aqua file receiving troubles

Hi guys,

I now use OS-X 10.3.5
My X-Chat is 0.13.0

My problem is, I can't receive files from other IRC users. It does not recognise the directory in which I want to store these files. And there is no way to restore the default settings! I first changed the settings because I couldn't find the file in which it wanted to store things. Even FIND could not... well, find it.

As for sending. It works there and then. Very unsteady.

Does anyone know how to fix this problems? My ports are opened, 0 to 9999. It doesn't make a difference. Please, help!



I may actually be insane.
My settings are as follows:

You need the file path to be one that exists. Try simply putting "~/Desktop/" if you are unsure, this will put files on your desktop (hopefully :p)

If you have a static IP address, then putting it in the DCC IP address field can sometimes help.

Add in your first/last ports, then forward these on your router, or allow them on your firewall.

As for the tick-boxes, they're personal preference, try changing "Get my IP from IRC server" to either on or off.. I've found it to be an odd setting that works when it feels like it.

With regards to sending, if you're having problems sending a file to someone, chances are it's a problem their end (more and more people using routers has made simple DCC'ing of files a royal pain in the arse) try using "/psend name" to send your files.
Thanks Speedy-B.

I've done as advised. My computer was a bit closed off... Not used to sharing. I haven't tried it all yet but soon will. I'll tell you if it works, of course. Thanks again.

Now, other topic, Classic. Is it actually possible to update Classic? My version is 1.8.2. I have a feeling it's very old. I visited several update website to check, but to no avail. Do you have any tip?


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