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X brand vs. Y brand Discussions


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Should we start closing/deleting any new X brand vs. Y brand discussions, such as the AMD v. Intel and nVidia v. ATI that constantly pop up again and again, usually causing arguments and creating tension between members that can lead to problems. Some other non-mods (like Iceman38) have expressed this in the IRC chan. Let me know what you all think.



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I have seen very few of them end without name calling and taunting. They do get a bit old after a while. I have closed a couple of them in the past once they got to the abuse. I would say maybe not delete them and leave them as an example that these type of threads will be closed so don't even try. My opinion.


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I don't think closing or deleting these types of threads will solve any problems we've seen with flaming or arguing. When these threads are started all of us need to keep an eye on them. If it starts to get out of hand, remind the individual that there are guidelines for being a member at xp-erience. If it continues from there then the thread should be closed.
Hell no. Unless stuff is blantantly illegal, abusive, profane, or just downright stupid... leave it alone. These types of threads generate quite a bit of attention which tells me that folks want to know what others think. Besides, a good argument never hurt anyone.

As a moderation crew we do pretty damn good at keeping things from getting out of hand.

I think a better guideline would be to contribute to a threads topic vs. slamming a threads topic just because it's been posted before. If you don't have an answer or a contribution and it turns into a hot topic then just monitor it and step in with the occassional clean-up/warning/ban.

One of the main reasons people really like this forum is because it's not elitest or condescending... a place that makes even the least XP-erienced member feel welcome. I think if we started closing INNOCENT threads just because we're bored with the topic would take something away from xp-erience.
if their big time competitive companies... I.E. AMD vs Intel... no real point... as long as it doesn't turn into a flame war...

If they start all turning into flame wars... might have to add it as forum guideline...


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Keep em, but remove posts that go against any guidelines..
Let people voice their opinions about which product is best...

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