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wrong size for web pages

I recently changed the settings for resolution on a 19" monitor to the highest settings and then back down to the 1024 setting. Since then when I open the browser the web pages won't fill the screen. They are blank on each side and won't go to the edge of the browser frame. It's like the web pages stayed at the previous setting and did not change back. Everything else went back to the proper size. I can't figure out how to reset this. It is in Internet Explorer. This is on a CRT monitor although I just ran into exactly the same problem when a friend got a 19" lcd monitor. CAn anyone help?



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Depending on how a web site is coded it might not stretch to take up the entire viewing area.

Some sites are designed using pixels and some using percentages.
Don't know about all that. This is on the Yahoo home page that worked fine and filled the screen until I changed the resolution to a higher setting and then changed it back to it's original setting. It appears to have altered a setting in the browser that did not change back with everything else on reverting the resolution setting.


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Because Yahoo uses percentages.

i.e. table width="100%"

That means the table will take up 100% of the available viewing area.

Some sites, such as the front page of this site, use pixels (i.e. 760px) so it will work fine on all resolutions above 800x600 and maintain a certain look.


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You can't change a thing to get sites that use pixels over percentages. A lot of site designers (including myself) use pixels to maintain a certain look and feel.

The only thing you can really do is change your resolution for those sites.
Your not understanding. I simply changed the resolution in display settings. Prior to this I never had any such problem with pages being small in the browser window. Something was altered when I made this change and when I put the setting back everything went back to the previous resolution except the size of web pages in the browser. It functioned perfectly before that. I tried system restore and it it not correct this back to the way it was before setting the resolution back and forth.

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Post a screenshot so we can see what you are trying to explain.

Have you tried clearing internet cache?

Maybe Yahoo is loading from cache with higher setting.
I know how to do the screenshot, but I'm not on that computer where Im at now. All I can say is open your browser to say the yahoo home page. When the browser is at full screen subtract about 2 inches from the web page on each side within the browser. In other words a blank white area on each side of the page even though the browser opens full as usual. I've tried this on other 19" monitors, (lcd and crt), at work and it does the same thing. Once you put the resolution to the highest setting and then try to return to the original setting you end up with this problem of the web page remaining to small and can't get it to return to full size along with everything else. This doesn't seem to do this on 17" monitors.

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