would you buy an hyundai elantra?



well would ya???????

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yeah, that's true. more than a few of my friends has a civic and they never complain... always throw in my face the fact that they have good gas mileage versus my car.

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I bought one last year. GLS 2 litre auto. If I wanted anything else, toyota, honda with all that the elantra has on it it would have cost another $4,000 to $6,000 extra. Just had a few minor issues to deal with nothing serious.
I used to have a BMW 325 but the service was waaaay too much and sense Im still a student, i couldn't afford it...sux cause it was pimp


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I know that the Hyundai Elantra sells well in Australia. Here in the Philippines, they are not regarded very highly.

Along with the Mitsubishi Lancer, the Honda Civic are big sellers here though.


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Originally posted by catch23
civics are [edit]"bad"[/edit] cars...

Get a real car

And what would YOU call a real car?

What do you drive HUH?

I've owned and driven Detroit Iron and Import. I can't complain about any of them. But I can't stand BMWs. I miss my 57 Bel Air though.

So CATCH23, What do you drive. Hmmmmm???


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Originally posted by catch23
'84 toyota camry
Nice :D

Hey, right now I'm stuck with a Bucket... '81 toyota tercel. Man a 64 Bug is faster than my P.O.S. But it has yet to strand me anywhere. (crossing fingers)
I prefer my Bike. :D


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Originally posted by catch23
not necessarily easy on gas or the wallet...mine usually is...my friend used to have a '84 (I think) Chevy Celebrity...it was totally beat to hell and everything imaginable leaked...
Chevy Celebrity... :eek: Anything mid '80s mid size Chevy, Ford, Chrysler Olds, Buick, etc... Was pretty much Bleeehhh :p I've worked on them all. A few were good but... ??? It was a bad time.

Someone gave me an '87 Olds Cutlass Ciera the other day, a 4 banger with brain damage (needs a computer). But it's roomier than the Toyota, so I'm gonna try and save it. Hey, It was free. :D

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