would i have to disable ad muncher to download music?



I take it you are downloading this from kazaa also - Check Kazaa's website and see there.


Double O Egghead

Ad Muncher is a program for Windows systems which removes adverts, popups and general browsing annoyances from all popular browsers and web-utilizing programs (as well as most banner displaying and popup generating programs like ICQ, Morpheus, Kazaa, Grokster, Opera, iMesh, Bearshare, LimeWire, etc).

You can download and install Ad Muncher in under 30 seconds on most connections; Ad Muncher is also configured by default to remove most popular adverts, meaning all you need to do to start enjoying it is just install it and it will do the rest.

For those who like to tinker there are options to define your own criteria for removing things, so even very uncommon adverts can be dealt with, as well as non-advert material too; basically anything you find annoying on a web page can be removed.

There are also options to deal with general browsing annoyances such as background music, javascript alert boxes, status-bar modifiers and code which interferes with the usage of your mouse.

Privacy concerns can be addressed also. Ad Muncher includes options to remove identifying fields from page requests, preventing web page owners from tracking where you came from or which browser you’re using. The IP Scramble feature also allows you to hide where you are connected from; it instead bounces web page requests off dozens of anonymous proxy servers sequentially, keeping your address hidden and cached requests scattered.

Working in a LAN environment? Connecting through a central proxy server? Just load Ad Muncher onto the computer running the proxy server and instantly every user on the LAN can enjoy advert-free browsing, giving advert-removing capability to your existing network setup.

if your downloading from a website you will be fine

if your using peer-to-peer
you will have to input your proxy setting into your chosen program or just close ad-muncher



id be weery about the ip scrambling feature as your browsing habits might be funneld to organizations that may harm you

paranoia may destroy ya


Why not just use a firewall with ad blocking options? Most of them (that I have used) have this option. It just seems easier.

I use Zone Alarm Pro and I never have any problems with ads and pop ups/unders and there's only a few websites that this creates a problem which is easily solved by disabling the adblocking thru the handly little systray icon. It also causes ZERO problems with P2P. Not sure if it blocks ICQ banners, Kazaa ads and all that b/c I don't use thos progs but if ads are an issue in Kazaa, try using Kazaa Lite. Its faster, better and isn't overloaded with ad/spyware.


Double O Egghead
hi Jahya:

this is offtopic but i used to use za

but i had a virus that was disguised as a microsoft process
if i disabled any m$ process i lost internet

download the free 30 day trilal of sygate and you can disable m$ processes and only give internet explorer access to the internet and still have access to the internet

remember to never give windows explorer access to the internet because that is your file structure of you hd


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