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Working on a Workgroup


XP-erience Oldie
Hello there, Please help me, this is urgent!

I have Redhat Linux 8.0, and I need to setup filesharing in GNOME, I first need to get the machine working on my workgroup "MSHOME" and then need to share the drive, so I can put all my documents and software on it,

Please please help!

What you want is Samba.

I didn't set up mine in the Gnome interface though, I use Webmin which I think is much better for config (at least with a GUI). Webmin is included in RH 8.0. If it's installed and running you should be able to reach it at http://localhost:1000.

Under Servers there is Samba Windows Networking.


XP-erience Oldie
How do I get into webmin, this is the first time I have ever laid eyes on Linux, you are gonna have to talk to me as a complete noob! I did redhat update and it got the latest samba updates, but I still dunno wtf I am doing, all I wanna do is use it as a simple file server, and I thought it would be 10x easier and faster than windows 2000 pro,

So please either give me full instructions in n00bie terms or are there any tutorials from start to finish, as in from install to shutdown


OK :) It's not 10x easier!

Have you tried going to http://the.linux.server:10000? That should (hopefully) work if Webmin is running.

In the RH package manager (it's in a menu somewhere) there should be an option to install Webmin. See if it's checked.

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