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I'm having major issues with Word (yes, just Word) in office xp,
The load time and close time for just this application are nearly 10 seconds when most of my apps load in 1 or 2 seconds and close almost instantly.
I've got a decent machine, 950 Athlon with 390 MB ram. I've done clean installs of the OS and Office and gotten all updates, and still, 10 seconds to close Word, and the system is frozen during the close also.
Any one have any Ideas of what I can do?


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6 Dec 2001
10 seconds? take no offense, it's 10 seconds I'd say you should relax and wait 10 seconds


Uh...have you ever used office on a slow machine? You seem to forget that any version of office is rather bloated. If 10secs is a problem, go to office2k, as there are no major additions in xp over 2k other than it gives M$ an excuse to get more money from corporations. I only say this because OfficeXP is more bloated than 2K by a lot.


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2 Dec 2001
Have you got Norton Antivirus running?
Thats probably it if you are... i disabed the office plugin for norton because it took so long


yah 10 seconds is pretty long to wait for just word,,, make sure there are no other programs running in the background and the systray,, anti-virus can cause things like that ,, or those crash guard programs,, maybe try going in to start> run> msconfig> startup and disabling the things that load for office,


more specs

OK, geedUP, I've got an ASUS KT7 raid w/ and Athlon 950, ATA 100 HDDs on the raid, (but no 'raid' running)
384MB RAM. Anything else?
And no virus protection or any other TSR's running.
As I said, its just Word. Access, PowerPoint etc. Snap open and closed like they ought to.

And to the others, I have a great machine for the sole porpose of NOT having to put up with crap like that!

Any one else have issues with Office XP? Oh, and I'm running windows XP professional build 2600.

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