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Word 97

I know this is dumb question, but then, lets face it, I am dumb.

My Word is in a window and not full screen. The size of the window is too large for the screen and cannot access the top menus etc. This means that I (but not everyone else) cannot move the window downwards to give me access to the menus etc at the top.

Can you let me know
(i) How to move the window downwards?
(ii) How I can make the window smaller?

many thanks


OSNN Senior Addict
Hi David, do you not have a sizing option on the tool bar at the top of your Word Page? If you are talking about some other programme that you are viewing your document in, it may have a blue band at the top, in which case a right click on it will give you the option to Move It. Sorry if this is no help, but it is a while since I used Word 97.
- Press the Alt key (hold it down) and then press the spacebar. The system menu will appear.
- Press the M key to select Move.
- Use your arrow keys to position the window as desired.
- Press ENTER to disable the Move option.
- Grab the edge of the window with the mouse and resize.
Many thanks for the replies.

I obviously did not explain myself too clearly. Just for the record I have been using versions of Word and Windows every since about 80 BC and I am quite well versed with their workings. The problem is that Word is open in a window that is far bigger than the screen and the blue bar is about two floor levels above the top of the screen. Thus I am not able to use the blue bar in any way to move, close etc.

The key stroke solutions offered by SysProg are just what I needed.

Once again the Forum has provided me with a prompt solution.

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