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Word 2007 Beta 2 Baffled

Nigel Jackson

OSNN One Post Wonder
I'm new to the forum so please forgive any naivity on my part.

I've used Word 2007 Beta 2 for a while without any problem and recognise its obvious attractions, but I'm baffled and wonder if anyone can offer advice on the following problem.

We have printed Word Beta 2 documents without any difficulty, but just lately things have gone haywire. The printer is fine: I have done a test run on it and it will print PDFs, MS Publisher pages and email attachments but when it comes to either newly produced Word documents or ones I have worked on previously the following happens -

A typical one page A4 document (font size 12) when printed comes out with the print massively enlarged (about font 20) and only the top left of body of text is shown;it seems to think that the whole thing is far too big to print and therefore focuses on the top left hand corner. It is as if our page of A4 text font size 12 is magnified to A3 or even A2 in size and the printed sheet is just the top left corner.)

I am not aware that we have changed any critical setting.

I looked at the margins on Page setup (Layout) and adjusted them slightly to conform with our usual (2.54 top and bottom, 3.17 left and right). Applying this a message came up that said
Outside printable border
"One or more margins are set outside the printable area of the page. Choose the fix button to increase the appropriate margins"
Having clicked the fix button the bottom margin was adjusted from 2.54 to 14.62 (!!!!) and the right margin from 3.17 to 10.97 (!!!!)

I am not aware that we have changed any critical setting - though this seems the most likely explanation. I'm baffled and would welcome any advice.

Nigel Jackson


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I would try to re-install the printer itself, verifying you have the latest drivers by going to the vendor website and downloading them.

I know you said it works with other applications, but sometimes things just get a bit screwy. Safe place to start in my opinion.

Nigel Jackson

OSNN One Post Wonder
Thanks both (kcnychief and kop48) for the speedy response and advice.
Here's the bizarre thing. If you drop down the File menu (using the logo type button top left of screen) and then click on Print you are given three options
Quick Print
Print Preview

If I select Quick Print it comes out perfectly (though I'm not sure if I can then change print quality etc). But if I select Print (which allows you to change properties etc) the problems I described in my first message occur every time.

I suspect, though from a very limited knowledge/skills base that it is, as you describe, Kop48 a bug. You suggest trying to repair Office. How do you do that?

Best wishes


Penguin Rancher
Go to add/remove programs and select the Microsoft Office Beta or Word 2007 Beta option and click "Change."

This should bring up a Form with the options to Add Features, Repair, or Uninstall.

It should look similar to my attached image.



OSNN One Post Wonder
Hi Nigel Jackson,

It just happen today to my daughter.

She changed the print quality from text to draft before printing and the same happened just like to you.

Changing back to "text" everything was normal.


Nigel Jackson

OSNN One Post Wonder
Thanks to all who have replied with advice and help.

Just before stealing myself up to do the repair job I read tibpol's message (I think you mean from "normal" to "draft" and vice versa) and hey presto!

Of course, it still means that I can't use the draft print facility which suggests that there is some sort of bug.

A bit later I will follow the advice from kop48 and albybum. I can't speak too highly of the help I've received so quickly.

(Is it just peverse relief that the same thing seems to have happened to somebody else?)

Best wishes

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