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Woohoo...Need for Speed UG2!!!


Beware the Monkeys!!!
I just got NFS:UG2, and it is awesome!!! It is so cool. I just upgraded a Pontiac GTO for quick race and man it was great!!!


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so how is the game? i heard it was buggier than the demo

and it seems there is a patch for it already at softpedia
however, i can't find it on the ea website, so i don't know if it is official
indyjones said:
You %$£!£^%$£&%$!$%!% Its not out in the UK until the 19th :(
teehee, you should get to know me better :p

Atleast it give me time to soart out banks before buying the game.

But yeah its pretty awesome :D


Beware the Monkeys!!!
The game is great!!! I haven't had any issues with it at all. I am running it at max settings of course. It looks great and plays great. It will definitely take me longer to finish this one than it took me to finish the first one. The patch was more for online issues, and for the US version it was only a couple of things.
nice, i like racing games might check out that game sometimes, btw you need to watch out for that wall on the side of the road n the 5th level


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Just played a bit of it. Just enough to get invited to the underground racing circuit. I haven't played enough to really comment on it, but it doesn't seem very revolutionary from the first one. Then again, thats not really a bad thing coming from a sequel. The real fun doesn't start until you get a kick ass ride anyway.

I upgraded with the patch as soon as I installed it so I don't know what it fixed. Must have been very critical though since they got the patch out before the heat cooled off the release.
I have played the PS2 and Gamecube version on EA World in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Man, it looked good! The version I played had infinite everything (all stickers, pimp ups, cars etc, it was a special developer edition) so it was really fun to pimp out a Golf GTI with full gear :D Oh and the Gamecube version sucked, looked ugly and played like sh ite.


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Well I almost have it beat myself, I had it ordered in, I love this game!!! Ive found a cupple of bugs here and there but nothing serious

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