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Wobbling Laptop Screen

Ive been getting pretty p***ed lately with my new laptop, as the hinges for the screen are not of the greatest quality and have this 'slack' to them. Its hard to explain but its like the hinges don't 'catch' small movements of the screen back and forward, causing the screen to wobble almost violently when you move the notebook. It even wobbles when you press a key too hard. I thought i was alone in the problem but I recently used a Toshiba Tecra A2 that also had this annoying problem. My last laptop was a very ancient IBM Thinkpad 600, which doesnt not have any wobble at all. I was just interested to hear if anyone else has this problem?


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No wobble here (eMachines 5100)... Have to say I would not just be annoyed, longer term I guess I would worry for longevity of laptop.

Is there a way you can "wedge" it up when using, like in corner of desk? Or do you need to be fully mobile with it - like actually ON you lap?
Hmm, I haven't experienced any such problem since I got my notebook (Dell Inspiron 5100). It's been about a year and a half now.

It could be that the hinges have become loose after repeated opening and closing of the lid. Is the hinge cover easily removable? On my notebook, you can just pop open the whole strip, with the hinge covers, using a screwdriver head. If you can do that, you might be able to access the screws that hold the metal hinges in place. Try tightening them a bit, and hopefully that should solve your problem.

If that doesn't help, I'm not sure what else I can suggest other than to call tech support. If it's a build quality issue, they should fix it, especially since it's a new machine.
Its been like this since the day i bought it. The hinges aren't loose - they're fairly tight during opening and closing, just not when 'holding' :)


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how long have you had it as well, if its still in warrantee just return it and get it fixed, or better yet get a refund or replacement if its within 30days,.
It should not do that. Even the cheap units I've seen didn't do that. If it's a big name brand that is even more offensive. Return it as defective. Compaq should be willing to exchange it without a fight. That wobble is just plain wrong. Make sure you get a new power converter that won't catch fire at the same time... Or was that Dell? ;-)
well i just checked out the place's website (www.dse.com.au) and they have a 14-day "change of mind" money back guarrantee ive gone past and i probably wouldnt be able to use anyway cause i opened the packaging. Apart from that i can probably only use the 1-year warrantee / 90-day store warranty, which is for the usual product defects etc. The problem is that if all of the laptops like mine are similar, than its a design/quality problem rather than a product defect, and i can't get it repaired. Ill go to the store on the weekend and see if the display model has the same problem, and see if i can get a replacement/refund.


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if they do not offer you a replacement, i'm sure aus, has a fair trading organisation, so maybe you could contact them. but don't just so oh well and accept it, this is bull****, so make sure they take you seriously. if you go in there meek they'll have your number straight away.
So i went to the store, told them about it and they told me to ring Compaq, as it handles all warranty/repairs and stuff. While i was there, i decided to see if any other laptops (including the display model of my version) had the same problem. To my suprise, every single machine, ranging from Sony to Toshiba to Hp/Compaq, all had this same problem - although the Toshiba and Sony seemed to wobble slightly less. I probably wont send it to be 'repaired' because it will probably come out worse than it came. I just think its a shame that a 5c hinge can spoil using an overwise very good $2300 laptop. All i know is that my next laptop will be a more expensive but more solidly built IBM.

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