WMV problems with WMP 9



I am having some problems playing WMV files in WMP 9. they play fine in mplayer2.exe but when played in WMP9 they flash like strobe light. i downloaded the codecs again from microsoft and WMP 9 is the latest beta. anyone else having this problem?

Gus K

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Normal MS programs are twitchy enough. You are asking for trouble if you use MS' betas. It being a BETA means there are going to be problems/stability issues. Leave the BETAs to people who enjoy tinkering and problem solving.


The latest WMP 9 has worked good for me. Thank goodness as the first one hardly worked at all. I copied and pasted the info below from another forum if you would like to try and go back to WMP 8. I HAVE NOT TRIED THIS SO DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!

check all the files in the windows media player folder,go to windows system32 dllcache and delete all the files that you found in the WMP folder. then open the WMP folder and delete the files. empty the recycle bin , and let a registry program like the system mechanic (get it from www.cnet.com) fix all the registry entries and restart. you should now be able to install WMP 7 or 8

Gus K

NTFS abuser
I hate to admit, but I had installed WMP 9 beta also. The new rights management, and hang ups weren't to my liking. A system restore put things back. This is what MS recomends for removal.

Note: This is a release candidate of a Windows feature and is unsupported. In order to restore the original feature after updating Windows XP or Windows Me, you must use System Restore. Please check to ensure System Restore is turned on. Please read the release notes for more information before installing, and send any feedback to the Windows Media Player 9 Series Beta newsgroup.


hey... actually it was the new nvidia drivers causing the problems the Detonator 40.72, so i went back to the 29.42 and everything worked alright.

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