WMP12 3 second skip.


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12 Jan 2004
I have the update for this in and it still skips. Talk about annoying. I just put iTunes in to get it out of here lol ... I am thinking about just taking wmp out all together ..

Is anyone esle still having an issue with the update installed ?
No issues here, update and everything installed.

You have tried different files right? Just to make sure.
yep, I tried all kinds of files. it does it with all of them.
Did you happen to play any MP3's before installing the update?
I just installed CCCP gives me media player classic, ffdshow and mkv support. Works out of the box plays everything you are likely to play and is better then VLC on windows.
Thanx I will try that. It did play some before the updat, bman. But, itunes they are not affected. It only does this in wmp12
ya know? iTunes is working pretty good, except for one thing. It will not automatically update the playlists. Every time I make changes with the tags, I have to take the files out of the playlist and add them back in again. That gets to be annoying. I wish they would put folder monitoring in it ...
I have heard mention of some changes in the last leaked screenshot build but haven't been able to find any specifics.
According to M$ mp3 files should be set to Read Only to avoid such from happening, and it's still possible to fix corrupted mp3 files by restoring them to their previous versions.

Work around and update can be found here:


hope this helps....
Thank you, prinsipe. I will look in to that. The way it is going with itunes, so far, I think I will stick with it for a little bit. I do need to update my id tags anyhow .. Some of them are a real mess lol .. .
I used to use foobar all the time, lord. I just don't like the new one they came out with.
he means ....same as it ever was...

Johnny, have you tried the auto tag feature from media monkey?

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