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Wireless with a P166 computer


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi Guys,

Due to my friends condo walls configuration, He is thinking of moving to a wireless router setup to get the internet connection into another room. Can I use his old P166 computer as his ICS? Here is what I am thinking: DSL modem wired into P166(firewalled), then wireless ethernet card(802.11G) out of P166 to connect to another computer in another room with the same brand/make of ethernet card? What about two remote computers hooked up to this setup? Can this be accomplished? Can I use FreeBSD on the P166?

Any and all thoughts will be greatly appreciated.



Caffeine-->Code Converter
wait, why would u want a router if ur gonna use the p166 as a router using the ICS option?

maybe im confused...

i think its perfectly doable, since the wireless card behaves like any other ethernet card


Overclocked Like A Mother
Well, He is thinking router, I am thinking maybe avoid the router purchase if this can be accomplished. If it can't, then the purchase of a wireless router will be next.

If this is doable, then where would I find a how-to on putting this together? Would I need another ethernet card on the P166 for a second remote computer?



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