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Wireless/Wired Solution??


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Hiya guys,

just wanna tickle your brains, I have DSL, this is connected to a modem with router, this goes into a switch downstairs which the main pc is plugged into, then there is a wire that comes through the ceiling into the switch in my room for my pc, my bors pc and my x-box, I have a wireless card for my pc is there anyway in which I can share this internet with my laptop which is wireless enabled? I tried to bridge the connection on my pc but that didnt work, I have ethernet on me lappy but I wanted to use it anywhere in the house..




I set one up for my daughter - new laptop w/ wireless to existing desktop w/ cable. Used Linksys 54G wireless router and had some problems w/ setup. Linksys was no help but finally solved it on my own - now works fine.
U can use your PC has a Access point, all you have to do is set you wireless adapter to infrastructure mode, and bridge your net connection (in Win2K or XP) to the wireless adapter... the other wireless stuff in your house should pick it right up.

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