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Wireless VoIP Phone

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Hey All!

I'm looking for a wireless VoIP phone. One that I can basically use like a mobile/cellular telephone...

I was planning on paying a monthly access fee for a wireless broadband connection...and was wondering if anyone knew of a simple to use VoIP phone that I could carry around in my pocket and use anywhere my wireless internet connection was available.

Any ideas?

Sexo um Pato

qvack qvack qvack
does such a device even exist? I've been searching the net but no luck so far. Any ideas anyone? How cool would a VoIP cell phone be?! SOOO cheap.


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No such device. The closest thing you will find is a "soft phone".

Vonage has a new device called the VPhone which is a USB device that contains Vonage software and the account information. When you plug it into your desktop or notebook it will bring up the software (nothing is installed) and allows you to dial and receive phone calls.

More information: http://forum.osnn.net/showthread.php?t=84880

However, there is no such device that works as a mobile/cell phone.


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I Believe that the three big cable companies are working with sprint to offer something like that. I think it is still in the works though.

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