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Wireless Router Security

I Just got a new wireless router (Linksys WRT54G) for my notebook computer, I was wondering if anyone can point me to a place that will show me how I can make sure that it's secure. Right now I have it set up so that only one mac address can get access wirelessly - I'm guessing that that is better then nothing, but i thought I should do more to secure it better?
1) Disable SSID Broadcasts

2) Change the SSID (may want to to it regularly)

3) Enable WEP or WPA

4) Use MAC address filtering

5) Use a strong admin password

Checkout this thread.


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Hey, if I was to get a wireless router - would the computers connecting to it have to enter a password to connect? or would they connect without any form of login/password?


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ming - It all depends on how you have the router/network configured. Linksys has a WEP setting that is 64 bit or 128 bit key, simular to a password. Once this setting is configured only the computers with the key can access your network. You can also have this setting turned off so all computers can access your network. I hope that makes sence. I've only had my wireless network for about a month now.

Shadow - Are you using a firewall on your laptop?

The problem I am having is that Sygate personal firewall is blocking my packets. If I turn the firewall off or set it to "allow all" it can see the network. Just curious if you are having any issues like this.
Thank you for the links and the info - sorry i couldn't get back sooner. I don't have a software firewall set up as of yet. My router acts as a firewall for now, but i was recently told that having a second software firewall might be a good idea. Wireless is a whole new ballgame for me, and i'm still doing a lot of research on the subject (probably should have done it before i got the new lap top but the thought didn't occure to me until after i had i in my hands and desided i'd like to be able to work with it anywhere in the house. :) )

Oh and becuase of the extra freedom, i'm now able to hook up my computer to any tv in the house and watch DVD or movies stored on any computer in my network. I love it!

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