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Wireless Question


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It's a bit on the slow side! How close are the nodes on the network as if it is quite a large distance the speed will be reduced.


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Tweakfiend said:
Ah ... depends if you have a 150 ,300, or 512 k Broadband connection.
Suspect might be 300, as my 512 connection runs @ 468 mbps.
Speed Tested via www.adslguide.org.uk.

some connection you got there :D

wrt negativefactor... thats not bad if its inline with your internet connection :)

my gf's laptop connects @ around 350 kbps while i connect @ around 380... not much difference but she's usually a coupla rooms over from me...


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Sorry! To confirm the connection is between 2 devices on my network namely my Xbox and my computer (FTP). However I have found the same network speed between my Laptop and Computer (FTP).

My Xbox is downstairs, my DLink DI-614+ and computer is up. There is physically no more than about 5 metres between them.

I'm on 756K Blueyonder for broadband!



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Sorry i'm talking purely between devices, I have no intrest in internet speeds at all.

Well maybe a little:

Downstream 722 Kbps (90.3 KB/sec) 779 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 121 Kbps (15.1 KB/sec) 130 Kbps (inc. overheads)
11,000,000 / 8 * 0.72 is your maximum possible speed using ethernet. Actual speed will be a half to a quarter of that. Using WEP also slows down the transfer rate.

Check your signal strength. If the signal is weak you will slow down significantly.


An amusing wifi story:
A buddy has his PC on wireless at his brothers house. Every time they turn on the dryer which is between the PC and the access point signal strength drops in half. I have him building a windsurfer wifi antenna.



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Well my computer seems to say the streght is 'Excelllent' and the wireless bridge on my Xbox (Netgear WGE101) says 98%

LeeJend does the 0.72 relate to my internet connection speed?
The 0.72 is the overhead time that ethernet protocal uses to handshake the data connection.

Dividing by 8 is the conversion from mbps (megabits per second) to mBps (megabytes per second).

With 10 meg wired I hit the ideal number on my net. When I went to 100meg wired the speed did not make it all the way to the ideal butit was close.

From what I've read the overhead used by the wireless connection is a lot worse than the overhead of a wired ethernet lan. And low signal strength or electronic noise (motors, cell phones, portable phones, CB's, etc.) makes the overhead even higher.

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