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19 Feb 2005
Thinking about all the wireless devices now available ... pretty much anything with an antenna that accepts internet ..and is also capable of relaying information to basestations ...the backbone of our evergrowing wireless society.

Imagine every handset that we use as a phone ..could also double as a repeater of sorts ...every wireless modem ...every satelite dish..every tv antenna ..ect.

Seems this would be very possible ... and although maybe quite difficult to intially figure out ... think about teh groundwork ..the entire backbone is already in place ..so equipment cost would be significantly less ..and one could concentrate most of the investment on development of end-user equipment.

Heck ..our HUGE powergrid could be used as a huge basestation ..think like a humongeous antenna that is everywhere in society ... up high ..in every neighborhood ..through tunnels under rivers ...across bridges ...everywhere there are people ..there is a powerline somewhere close.

Same with wireless phones ... cars with antennas ... ect. Anyway ...anyone feeling my thoughts here?

Just the fact of sooo many antennas ...there would be a tremendous spectrum of coverage ..from all sorts of bands. I'm sure the FCC and all the lobbyists influencing them would try to stop any development of "new" wireless technology...but in reality ..this wouldnt be new at all ... just using what is already in place ...and people like you and me being teh backbone of teh network... taking the highest expense part of wireless and evenly distributing it across everyones back ..not just a few. In other words ...instead of a few investing billions on a new network ..then charging whatever they want to use that network ...everyone uses a 100-200usd handset that not only receives, but sends as well....

Well how would this ever work ...same thing was once said about P2P ... its strength is based on everyone having a computer and broadband internet (the most expensive part of the network). As more and more people would adopt this "recycled" or "unused" network space ..the better it would become. Think of that ..no bills ..no confusing conversations with illiterate salespeople ... no lies .. it only works as good as you want it to sort of thing.

Anyway ..plz feel free to add to this idea. Im really down with investing in this ..if i could only find the right people to help develop it. If someone else has already come up with this idea... great ..im happy to help you out or would be happy to work towards a common goal...if not ..then well ..lets get busy.

Im really thinking of this in terms of N-Draft ..where the signal bounces off everything and anything ..and would only be amplified by more antennas ..over and over and over again ..eventually gaining TOTAL coverage with minimal delay. The more population density ..better coverage ..and where population isnt so dense .. using the powergrid or some other means as a backbone to build the network.
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The largest problem with that is the frequencies used. for it to be used successfully by every device, they would have to be within range of something on the same frequency.

I work for a wireless broadband provider, and that's the issue we come across. Already the frequency range is very limited in what you can use for different types of communication (internet, television, radio, etc.) and in higher density populations the availablility to find a frequency that isn't overloaded yet is extremely hard to do.

I do like the idea though, however I think with the current technology we have at the present, it's not possible.

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