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wireless networking


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Got a small problem if anyone can help

I have got 2 netgear wireless routers 1 in one room with a couple of devices attached and connected to the internet the other in the other room with my dreambox and dbox attached. I did not want to trail a cable across the floor to connect the 2 routers and they will not see each other with wireless as you can only set them to access points only. To get round this I attached a wireless usb dongle to my pc which is already attached to the 1st router and bridged the connection this works my dreambox etc on the 2nd router can access the internet and all can be pinged.

With the usb dongle only being 11mbps and using my only spare usb port I decided to get a 54 mbps wireless pci card and install this into my pc. THIS is where the problem starts without the wireless pci card installed I can ping everything attached to my 1st router when I install the wireless pci card the 2nd router is found with the wireless but I cannot ping the 2nd router or attached devices if I unplug the patch lead from my lan card to my 1st router then I can ping the 2nd router and attached devices but as soon as I plug it back in I cannot ping anything wirelessly I have bridged both network connections but still can only ping wired devices even though I can see the 2nd wireless router through connected wireless devices. I have tried the wireless pci card in 2 other pc’s but still the same.


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