Wireless Network Profiles, how?


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25 Apr 2002
I'm trying to set up different network profiles for my home wireless and school wireless networks. At home I want to use a static IP and custom DNS settings, while at school I want it to switch to automatic for both.

I know Vista comes with a feature to do this, but I haven't been able to find the place to add the custom IP settings for each wireless profile. I know that it's possible to do with wired networks (I've seen some screenshots), but I can't find it for the wireless counterpart.

Running Vista Business ;)
Try this: Go to Control Panel, select Network and Sharing then select Manage Wireless Networks, then select Add and then finally Manually Configure....
Hope this helps you out.
It doesn't :(
When I click on Add, I go to "Manually Create A Network Profile", then I have to fill out the following:

Network Name
Security Type
Encryption Type
Security Type/Passphrase

Upon clicking Next, I can choose between "Change Connection Settings" or "Connect To". When I click on Change Connection Settings, I can only change the Connection (Connect automatically or not, etc) and Security (Type, Encryption Type). There aren't any IP settings or anything like that...
I've only used the Public/Private networking profiles to control firewall rules.
I've heard it's possible to set IP settings for different profiles too. Where did you see instructions/screenshots on how to do this for wired networks?

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