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Wireless Netgear question???

I have the WGR 614 V4 wireless router and a few of the USB 2.0 recevers to get wireless upstairs. My question is how can I turn off the recievers from my computer? Reason being is my kid is on past her bedtime, and I want the ability to shut off her internet, yet still able to use mine upstairs as well? How do I do this?

Thanks in advance


In your netgear router, what you would do is create a Block Services rule (under Content Filtering) and would specify which services you wish to block (i.e. http email, aim, etc). You would also enter in the IP address that is assigned to your daughter. Then, under the Schedule tab (also under Content Filter), you will specify the days and times in which you want to block the services. Once you enable that, that will pretty much put a halt to her being on past her bed time :)

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