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Wireless modem in laptop


Political User
I have a panasonic CF-27 Toughbook..

It has a wireless modem built in. As far as I know its a Serria Wireless SB200.

What kind of wireless is this? How do I use it?

More description. On the front edge of the laptop there is one button for the wireless. A power button, then there are three lights. one is like an antenna, anotheris an envelope, and a circle with zig zag through it.. On the side of the screen there is a pull up antenna.

Any one know what kind of wireless is this and how can I use it?


Arte et Marte
I have the Panasonic CF18 on trial for work - the original was fitted with said wireless capability and those buttons on the front. The problem was that even without accessing wireless mode - it drained the hell out of the battery, so on version 2 (I now have version 3) it was discontinued. I am relegated to standard dial-up for now

Hope that helps (not sure what wireless system was fitted in mine)


Political User
On the back I have a 56k port, pcmcia ethernet port. Since the wireless lights up I'm assuming it's working..

How do I use it? (the wireless modem)

is it like a celular or 802.11 connection?

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