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Wireless Jammer???


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I want to know is there such thing as a Wireless Jammer? Here is my reason to ask:
It seems latly at my location that there is an unsecured network coming in range of my Access Point's network. It used to be 0 bar strength, then later it was 1 bar strength, now recently it spiked to 3 bar strength. Everytime it comes in range, anything using my access point has no connection what so ever to it. I checked some info on this network that is called "NETGEAR" and found that is uses a different radio channel from mine. I even know the MAC of it when it comes into range through Herecast.

Is it possible to Jam this Jamming device and make it stop interfearing or even possible to block it out from everything?
Here is some info:
I'm using a Cisco Access Point 1200.
It affects all wireless products (like my laptop and my mother's computer).


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