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So here is my issue.

I have the WRT54GL router. I have everything plugged into it through Ethernet cables except for 2 things.

PS3 and a Laptop.

Now I had the router setup so that anything can connect to it. The PS3 detected it, and did what it had to and connected no problem. The lapop couldn't even see the network.

So I changed the settings to allow only ones who have the mac address added to the router. The PS3 did this, worked fine, no issues. I did this with the laptop and it seemed to connect to it just fine as well.

A couple days later, that laptop looses connection, and I can't get connected anymore. The connection to the router is still there and even says strong, but nothing. I have always had these issues with laptops, loosing connections, hard time finding more wireless ones etc.

Any ideas, what do I need to change, edit...its a XP laptop. The rest of the hardwired network is 2 7's and one XP. If that helps at all.


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A co-worker had a similar issue recently, his laptop couldn't see his wifi network at home at all. Brought the laptop to work and it worked fine seeing and connecting to all networks.

He ended up factory resetting his router then applying latest firmware, seemed to do the trick for him.

I would also recommend drivers for your laptop but if it happens to "all laptops" then that probably won't apply.


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Yea all laptops and many different routers as well. That is why I asked here, because it makes no sense. I think it can connect sometimes, but its no where near stable.

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because bman i had issue with my connection on some cards if i used chan 11 also if i used chan 1 , atm i am using channel 6 and all is good, so it could be timing out when trying to connect.


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Alright I will try that.

If I change the channel on my router, will I have to setup my PS3 again (well the connection to the network). Don't matter just wondering.

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