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Wireless interent from cell phone company?



Is there something out there to get wireless internet access through the cell phone company and use it on your notebook insted of the cell phone?

Perris Calderon

Staff member
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sprint was the first to do this, and in the beginning it was only 7k

NOW I GET 100k!!!, and they say soon 144, and then over too

it's amazing, and if you can get sprint, I believe verizon might have it now too, it is excellant.

not too expensive

I have unlimited for 100$ a month and for the convienance of anywhere wirless, this is a bargain

this is unbelievable


$100 a Month, Holy crap! Probably look into a smaller plan. Can you use it on more that one computer? What if I have 3 notebooks? Thanks for the quick reply the first time.

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
ya, use it on as many computers as you want

the 100 bucks is for unlimited.

I'm all over the country, and this is great for me.

there are much smaller plans, but if you don't have braodband, this is a great compromise

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