Wired Nextfest 6/24-26


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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I was going to put a thread up about this right after I went but I thought it wouldn't do any good without the pictures. Well after getting ripped of by walgreens here's the pics. The pictures were really hard to get cause the lighting was horrible for pictures and I had to fight with crowds just to get a snap cause there were SO MANY people there.

As for the highlights...

The coolest thing I saw was Hubo the robot. Hubo is one of the human like robots made that can do a lot of what humans can do. The only problem was that the floor that is being shown on wasn't rigid enough and during a previous performance it fell over and some things weren't working correctly.

There were really interactive games where one had the person really fighting in game characters (the game was like street fighter or mortal kombat style)

They had the donor and cloned cat. That was neat and creepy at the same time(those pics didn't come out well)

Other things...
Hydrogen Fueled cars from GM, a real hover car that was more like a plane, Brain ball where people put things on their heads and the brainwaves made the ball move towards the person you were competing against.

The most well known thing that was there and one of the cooler things I saw was the camo jacket where you can actually see through the man wearing it. I know people have seen this before on the internet and it was really cool to see it in person.

There were many other things to see but It's hard telling all that was there.

The Official Nextfest website still doesn't have pics up of what was there so I'm putting up the google search cause there are some really neat articles out there besides the official site.

Google Nextfest Search

all in all it was a really good time and I got to see somethings that I never thought could be invented.

Here are some of the pics I have I have



The Donger Need Food!!!!
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more pics

really cool baby seal robot that has sensors where people pet the animal and reacts and makes sounds accordingly.

the plane car(with a lady in the pic I don't know but it was really hard to take pictures without someone in it, a screen just like in minority report, a sports hydrogen car, and my friend with a dumb look on his face in front of a funny sign(I'm still 12 at heart I swear)

was going to put up a pic of me and my girlfriend with a beautiful back drop of my lovely city of Chicago but I already have enough pics for this thread


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