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Wipe DVD firmware?


There is no answer!
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is there anyway to wipe the firmware of a drive, i bought one from newegg and i think it is used, it cant read dvds anymore, i've onl had it a couple of days, i tried to update the firmware with the correct sony firmware update but it cant do it.
It did work when you bought it?

It stopped working after you tried a firmware flash?
--Bad flash or more likely wrong flash tool or wrong firmware.
--Sometimes the new firmware is worse than the earlier one. I returned a lite-on because the "Christmas Eve" firmware update was screwed. They did not tell anyone for 2 weeks. Thousands of returns over the mistake.

It won't load any firmware now?
--If you write the wrong firmware it can wipe the loader program on the drive (mb, etc). You have to be positive you have the right firmware and loader or else... The newer products are better about this but it can still happen.
--You tried to install a hacked firmware to use features for a better model. Sometimes this works. Sometimes it fries the drive. Better luck next time.


There is no answer!
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i wasn't able to install the official sony firmware at all, but i did some tweaking and now the drive works AND i've been able to flash it, so we'll see how it goes. i really don't want to pay the shipping back to newegg for a $40 drive.

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