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Winfast and WebCam troubles....


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
I have a feeling this is a long shot, but heck nothing ventured nothing gained....

Now sequence of events goes something like - installed a webcam on one machine, had a fair trouble getting it working, but I eventually drivers took and on a reboot (unexpectedly!) there it was, I was even able to post a few snow pics from it....

Time goes on and I resurrect my AMD64 and configure my Winfast FM/TV PCI cards so I can listen to radio at my PC.... Then I plan on pluggin webcam to that rig and so carefully (remembering it is a sensitive driver install!) install the drivers BEFORE plugging the WebCam across to the AMD64 (this is the requirement, per usual).

Thing is after this it looks (to me) like the WinFast card is the only one that is coming up as a cam source now - what SHOULD happen is that it is one choice, but the webcam is also there. I have played around from control panel with adding a cam and browsing to the drivers on the CD, but to no avail.

Does anyone else run a webcam and have a TV or similar card (I am guessing it needs to be PCI, rather then on-board with GFX for this problem, but could easily be wrong.)

Anyway - if anyone else has same problem would be interested to hear about it, and if they have any answers that would be even better! :p

Even if no one posts onto thread I shall hopefully use it as a place marker to remind me to post resolution here myself (if I ever find it!) :)

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